Vectus Gets the Title of Superbrand 2021 in the Water Storage Tank Category – Business Wire India

SOURCE: Business Wire India


Vectus Industries Limited, an established company in the field of water storage solutions, has been awarded the title of Superbrand in the water storage tank category for the year 2021.

On this joyous occasion, the managing director of the company, Ashish Baheti, said, “A lot of people have contributed to establishing Vectus as a brand. I would like to thank everyone whose consistent efforts and contributions whether direct or indirect have led us to this honor. I am very thankful and would like to congratulate everyone from our distributors, dealers, plumbers, customers, associates, and all our team members. I feel very privileged to work with such people who have always supported us. In the past 30 years, there has been no compromise with the quality of our products due to the ever-increasing efforts and skills of these people over the years.”

Speaking on this memorable moment for the company, managing director, Atul Ladha, said, “First of all I would like to thank all our customers and every single person associated with Vectus. Vectus is not just a name, but a family built with the efforts, skill, hard work, discipline, determination, and honesty of hundreds of people. We have successfully completed 30 years of credibility, quality and expansion in several product categories in the polymer industry.”

The water solution company has been providing water storage and piping systems throughout the country for the past 30 years. With 4300+ distributors, 30,000+ retail counters and 14 manufacturing plants all over India, Vectus is one of the fastest growing companies in their industry.


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