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AKS Steel is a Superbrand.


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AKS Steel is a Superbrand.

Launched in 2009, AKS is the single largest construction steel making facility in Bangladesh and ensures 100% refinement of construction steel. Superior quality and customer focus are the hallmarks of AKS, making it one of the leading steel brands in the country.

Before AKS, all construction steel made in Bangladesh used induction furnace, which has limited refining capability. AKS was the first steel company in the country to use commercial grade Electrical Arc Furnaces which produce 100% refined steel.

AKS is manufactured using certified ISO 9001:2008. In 2016, the AKS TMT 550W was introduced which is designed to support mega structures and comparable to steel used in developed nations.

AKS campaigns aim to raise awareness about the risk of earthquakes in the region, as well as educating potential customers and stakeholders about the earthquake resistant properties of AKS.

Since its inception, AKS has emphasized the importance of technological advancement and the need for a green pollution free environment, making both key production procedures within the brand.

AKS owns the county’s largest oxygen producing plant with a production capacity of 250 ton per day which is used for steel refining.

AKS has built its own reservoir to harvest rain water for use in steel production conserving the ground water. AKS is equipped with an advanced fume treatment plant, where exhaust gases are treated and released into the atmosphere as clean air.

The brand will remain an ally to individual home builders by providing knowledge for safe construction practices.

Unmatched steel refinement capability has made AKS the most reliable TMT bar on the market delivering consistently superior product quality and leveraging the most advanced steel technology.

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