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In a world of global commerce and
competition, outstanding brands distinguish themselves through collaborative enterprise,
creative marketing, and superior products elevating themselves to the prestigious
distinction of being named a Superbrand.

AL-KO is a Superbrand.

AL-KO was originally founded in 1931 by Alois
Kober in Großkötz, Bavaria. Initially, a small
locksmith, AL-KO grew into a mid-sized
German manufacturer with several products
during the 1950s.

Today the AL-KO KOBER GROUP is a global
player among medium-sized German enterprises,
with its “Gardentech”, “Air Technology”, and
“Automotive” Divisions.

The AL-KO KOBER GROUP is now managed by the
third generation of the family: Stefan Kober,
Rajmund Kober, with Klaus Weimann, through
Primepulse Holding, which also includes a number of
other companies in the fields of electronics, industrial
vision, IT and iOT, and real estate management.
Currently the group has a turnover of a billion Euros.

AL-KO Gardentech, a subsidiary of the AL-KO
KOBER Group, offers AL-KO, and SOLO by
AL-KO machine products, as well as AL-KO trailer
components in the domestic market.

AL-KO Magyarország Kft. works with a small
number of employees, but is very productive and
efficient, with 11 people producing close to HUF
2.6 billion of turnover in 2019.

AL-KO Magyarország Kft. Holds a prominent
position in the garden machinery market.
Products are available through DIY chain stores,
garden equipment dealers, the companyʼs
website, and the largest online retailers in

The AL-KO Gardentech product range includes
everything you need in the garden: gasoline-,
cordless- & robotic lawn mowers, electrical
and battery handhelds, tractors, brush cutters,
chain saws and pumps.

Since its establishment, AL-KO has consistently
represented the same values: striving for quality – with
which it has acquired a loyal, recurring customer base
– and, since its establishment, operating a profitable
company that has been evolving dynamically, being
responsive to market changes and customer demands.

Innovative thinking has become a trend, resulting in
a broad selection of design products and technical
solutions. This provides the best possible environment
for employees to work efficiently, and promotes
mutually beneficial relationships with partners and

Superbrands, the most respected universal
seal of enduring excellence.

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