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Al Rawdah is a Superbrand.


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Al Rawdah is a Superbrand.

As pioneers of poultry farming in the UAE, serving customers with the best poultry products has been a tradition at Al Rawdah for more than two decades.

Emirates Modern Poultry Co., known as Al Rawdah, started its operation in 1994 with 30 broiler houses and a capacity of 4 million birds per year, spearheaded by a management comprising of 4 people and a fleet of 6 salesvans. Today, Al Rawdah has a capacity of more than 24 million birds and an operating sales fleet of 29 vans.

Al Rawdah products consist of the freshest, highest quality poultry, reared cage-free with utmost care. The chicks are raised under controlled conditions and given only 100% natural feed, without hormones or antibiotics.

In addition to fresh chicken, Al Rawdah takes pride in its range of products, including Fresh Chicken Franks and Fresh Chicken Burgers.

In 2000, with the completion of its new Food Processing Plant, the company increased it’s offerings to include frozen items including Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Fillets, Chicken Meatballs, Chicken Drumsticks, Chicken Popcorn and Chicken Fries, as well as fresh processed items such as whole smoked chicken and chicken mortadella.

With “excellence in quality” being the foremost objective, Al Rawdah prides itself with ultramodern and hygienic production facilities and process, which have been adopted from the best practices in the industry.

With the Emirates Quality Mark, ISO 14001, ISO 9002 Quality Assurance and HACCP certification Al Rawdah guarantees products that are safe, halal and of highest quality.

At the core of Al Rawdah’s brand values, stands a passion for their chickens, which live in large air-conditioned houses with free access to food and water, and, to ensure that they will get some rest, the lights are turned off for night time sleep.

At the heart of Al Rawdah’s values is a focus on hygiene and food safety throughout the whole organisation. Al Rawdah is dedicated to bring only the best quality to consumers and ensure this happens each and every day.

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