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American Express is a Superbrand.


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American Express is a Superbrand.

American Express was, for the fourth consecutive year, elected Mark of Excellence in Portugal.

With over 165 years of history, American Express is a global brand recognized for the excellence of its credit cards & associated services and the quality of customer service. It is considered since 2008 as the most valuable financial brand in the world, ahead of the big world brands. Headquartered in New York and present in more than 140 countries, American Express has over $ 161 billion in assets, approximately 118 million credit cards in circulation and approximately 55,000 employees worldwide.

Since 1995, in Portugal, it is represented exclusively by Millennium BCP, both for the issuance of the prestigious Centurião cards and for the raising and management of the Merchants Network.

It provides unique access to products and experiences that enrich the lives of its Customers and contribute to the success of their Partner businesses.

Its performance is governed by the principle of “Work with great daily commitment to be the most respected Service Brand in the World”.

In Portugal, the successive recognition of the market and as a brand “Superbrand” is one of the signs of success of this motto applied locally.

Superbrands: The most respected universal seal of enduring excellence.