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APEX Steel is a Superbrand.


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Apex Steel is a Superbrand.

Continuously growing from strength to strength; and being the pioneers in the manufacture of Grade 500+; Apex Steel continues to be the preferred choice of Deformed Bars for iconic projects in East and Central Africa.

Producing the region’s best steel doesn’t happen by chance. From the beginning Apex Steel chose to do things differently ; focussing on innovation; value creation and an uncompromising commitment to quality.

In 2006 Apex Steel revolutionised the way steel was made in the region. It was the first company to manufacture BS 4449 – 2005 Grade 500+ Deformed Bars with German technology that is ISO 6935-2:2007. Another first – it was the only steel company then; to brand it’s steel and every meter of the bar bears the name ‘APEX TMX’ – a stamp of quality. It was also the first company to be awarded the ‘Diamond Mark of Quality’ by KEBS; and the first company to have its processes ‘LEED Certified’ qualifying its steel for ‘Green Buildings’.

Yet another first – Apex Steel was the only company to have the vision to look beyond and offer ‘cut and bend’ services saving projects ‘time and money’. The availability of ‘Couplers’ at Apex Steel is yet another testimony of its quest providing value to meet the growing needs within the industry.

Becoming East Africa’s number 1 choice created a huge increase in demand for Apex TMX, leading to a massive capacity expansion coupled with automation to consistently meet industry requirements throughout the region.

Apex Steel also manufactures ‘Precision Hollow Tubes’; used for scaffolding and in the Fabrication Industry.

Recognising the needs of the Construction Industry; Apex Water and Kap Plastics manufacture PPR; PVC and HDPE under technical license from Wavin; the Global leader in Piping and Plumbing solutions. Pipes manufactured for Drinking Water and Waste water are manufactured to top quality and tested as per international standards in its plant at Athi River.

‘Apex Steel’ the leader in providing ‘sustainable solutions’ – in Steel; Plastics; Construction Chemicals; Painting Technology; Corrosion Resistant Systems; High-end Sanitary ware and over 4000 items in General Hardware for the Construction; Fabrication and Plumbing industries.

Apex Steel is well deserving of its Superbrands Status.

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