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APEX Steel is a Superbrand.


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APEX Steel is a Superbrand.

Over the past 48 years, Apex Steel has grown into the number one provider of sustainable solutions to contractors and fabricators in the supply of steel, plumbing, piping, roofing, hi-spec plastics and general hardware items.

Apex Steel was a pioneer in the manufacturing of deformed steel bars; BS:4449 in Kenya, trademarked as ‘APEX TMX,’ which is inscribed upon every metre of steel bar.

Apex Steel focuses on innovation; the creation of value for their customers and an uncompromising commitment to quality.

APEX TMX is manufactured through German Technology with ISO certification, and was the first deformed bar to be given a KEBS mark of approval. It was later awarded the Diamond Mark of Quality by KEBS.

Apex Steel is at the forefront of the green movement, becoming the first and only steel company in the region to be awarded a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certificate.

Apex Steel has an ‘in-house’ worldclass testing facility based at the plant.

Apex Steel was the first company to offer ‘Cut and Bend’ services using their own automated ‘Cut and Bend’ machine.

Apex Steel is a proud distributor of some of the world’s leading piping and plumbing solutions, which have helped revolutionize the local construction industry.

Major projects that Apex Steel has been a part of include the Standard Gauge Railway, Thika Superhighway, the Westgate Mall, Sameer Business Park, the Tana River Hydro Power Plant, and many others.

By incorporating cutting edge technology; championing sustainable practices, developing efficient solutions for customers; and providing high quality ancillary products; Apex Steel has become East Africa’s No. 1 choice for deformed bars.

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