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Bidco Africa is a Superbrand.


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In a world of global commerce and
competition, outstanding brands distinguish themselves through collaborative enterprise,
creative marketing, and superior products elevating themselves to the prestigious
distinction of being named a Superbrand.

Bidco Africa is a Superbrand.

Bidco Africa is East and Central Africaʼs leading
edible oils, hygiene and personal care products

Bidco Africa is a true African Entrepreneurship
success story, which began with producing
just three soap brands, growing to become one
of the regionʼs largest FMCG manufacturers with
over 50 brands.

Bidco currently has manufacturing units in Kenya, Uganda,
Tanzania and most recently Madagascar; producing edible
oils and fats, margarines, baking products, hygiene and
personal care products and animal feeds. Bidcoʼs range of
brands offer products with sizes that suit every pocket in
over sixteen countries that the company has footprints on.

Bidco Africa aims to “Grab, Grow and Sustain” the Number 1 market share in Africa
by 2030. The company continues its ʻSoil to Panʼ philosophy which in turn supports
farmers by contracting them with the assurance of an offtake market at competitive
rates for their produce. Bidco currently has over 30,000 farmers growing various raw
materials exclusively for them. Bidco also remains committed to champion
initiatives on positive environmental impact through a project dubbed ʻSave Our Water
Towersʼ. The project, launched in 2017, aims to grow up to 1 million Bamboo in the site
of Kenyaʼs leading water towers; to restore the degraded lands.

As part of the growth and expansion strategy to achieve “the 2030 Goal”, Bidco has recently ventured
into the Food and Beverages Industry by producing Noodies instant noodles, Planet range of sodas, Jooz
juices, Planet Aqua water, Sun top juices and Reaktor energy drink. This has been enabled by successful
joint ventures with Monarch Beverages based in Atlanta, Georgia for the Carbonated Soft Drinks range,
water and energy drinks, and Coro of Denmark for Sun top juices. Bidco has also partnered with Land
OʼLakes, the leading animal feeds manufacturer in America, to advance Bidco Animal Feeds production.

Bidco has invested in the best technology with its newly
created detergent manufacturing plant, producing high
quality detergents to serve the Kenyan and African
markets. The company also recently commissioned a
state-of-the-art Bidco Industrial Park (BIP), with worldclass
facilities in the manufacturing units that produce its
new products in the Food and Beverages categories.

Bidco was started by a family, and believes that all
employees and partners are a part of that family.
They believe in Africa, which can be seen in their
commitment to using local raw materials and offering
quality products at affordable prices.

Superbrands, the most respected universal seal
of enduring excellence.

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