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Bom Petisco Canned Tuna is a Superbrand.

From the Azores comes the art of preserving what is good, a meticulous and improved production process that brings the best Atlantic Ocean tuna to your table.

This is the mission of Bom Petisco – to serve an excellent product that lives up to the expectations of its connoisseurs.

Recently the brand has innovated and expanded its portfolio. In addition to the already popular and classic flavours of olive oil, oil and water packed the brand has created three flavours of the land and sea, a synergy of flavours that resulted in three new Bom Petsico products:

• BOM PETISCO TUNA in extra virgin olive oil and
• BOM PETISCO TUNA in pepper and ground herbs; and
• BOM PETISCO TUNA 5 peppers.

Flavours that balance the best taste of the sea and the distinctive flavours of the land’s tradition.

The tradition, the ingenuity and the art of producing canned Bom Petisco, also allowed for the introduction of a novelty in the canning industry: the tasty Tunaburger, a faster and equally delicious

Cofaco Azores, present in 5 continents and more than 35 countries, produces more than just BOM PETISCO TUNA. It produces canned fish for other prestigious and high quality brands, standing out among them: Tenorio, Pitéu, Bon Appetit, Ás do Mar and Bom Amigo, all popular in both the national and international markets.

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