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In a world of global
commerce and competition,
outstanding brands distinguish
themselves through collaborative
enterprise, creative marketing, and
superior products elevating
themselves to the prestigious
distinction of being named a

Chandaria Industries is a

Chandaria Industries is the largest Paper, Tissue and
Hygiene Products Manufacturer in Kenya, East
and Central Africa. It is the
only company in the
sector that manufactures
one hundred percent of
its products in Kenya,
therefore encouraging
Kenyans to BUY KENYAN,

The largest company within the Chandaria
Group’s portfolio today, the company was
established in 1964 as a small tissue converting
operation and has grown to become the market leader in Kenya.

Chandaria Industries’ brands and products are an essential part of daily life for
millions of consumers across Africa. Their range is developed to suit every budget,
for example within the toilet tissue category, they have 6 different price points with differentiated product features.

Chandaria Industries’ product portfolio also includes
Serviettes, Kitchen Towels, Facial Tissues, Pocket Tissues, Cotton Wool, Aluminum Foil, Cling Film, Sanitary Pads and Toilet Cleaner.

Chandaria Industries has expanded it’s range of Liquid products which now include Hand Sanitizers, Sanitizer, Multi-Purpose
Sprays, Hand Wash, Multi-Purpose Liquid and Disinfectants.

In addition, the company offers a variety of Corporate & Hospitality
Dispensers and Consumables, including Jumbo Toilet Tissue, Liquid Foam
Handwash, Hand Sanitizers, Hand Paper Towels and Air Freshening Solutions.

Chandaria Industries’ Corporate &
Hospitality products are available in
premium and more economical
options to suit every budget.

Chandaria Industries is also the
largest manufacturer of hospital
quality cotton wool in Kenya, East
& Central Africa. Velvex is the only
brand in the region whose quality
has been approved by leading inter-
national institutions.

Chandaria Industries’
brands have become
a popular choice
for top East African
personalities such as
Njugush, Jalang’o,
Akothee, Star
Chebet and Eric

The company assesses its quality parameters not
only against East African standards, but against
global best practices, ensuring that the consumer
experience is repeatedly above expectation.

Chandaria Industries is the largest recycler of
paper waste in the region. It’s paper waste re
cycling operations provide employment to over
30,000 Kenyan families.

Besides being Market leaders in their product categories, Chandaria Industries
also strives to make a positive impact in the society through various CSR activities
in areas such as education, health care, youth empowerment and environmental

Chandaria Industries is the right place for employees to
achieve their full potential through teamwork, entrepreneurship and innovation. This translates into providing
a superior level of Customer Service and Satisfaction
making it a Superbrand.

Superbrands, the most respected universal seal
of enduring excellence.

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