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Chicco is a Superbrand.


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Chicco is a Superbrand.

Founded in 1958, CHICCO is present in over 120 countries. The Brand arrived in Portugal in 1976, and today has 36 shops and is represented in over 3000 retailers, including Chicco’s stores, baby shops, pharmacies, and mass market supermarkets.

Chicco is a multi-specialist brand as it follows all baby’s needs from birth to age 3. As THE baby specialist, all products are developed considering each growing phase for the baby, its perks and needs.

Chicco is the leading Italian brand in baby care, with 60 years of experience. Leadership comes with great responsibility — the responsibility to do better, to know better, to be better; the responsibility to know the market, anticipate its needs and problems and solve them by proposing real innovative solutions. To be the leader comes with the responsibility of exceeding consumer expectations and keeping Chicco as the “top-of-mind” brand in the baby care industry.

The exclusive Baby Research Centre Observatory Chicco is dedicated to the knowledge of the child from birth to age 3, and their psycho-physical, emotional and social needs. It brings a privileged relationship between Chicco and the science community that results in a sharing of knowledge between experts and the brand.

The Centre draws upon the contribution of the medical-scientific world, which is fundamental for an understanding of the facts and advances in the paediatric sphere, and in order to assess the scientific validity of the proposed products.

The Observatory also constantly gathers the suggestions of mums and dads, the primary connoisseurs of the actual needs and supports them with advice and suggestions for children. This serves to promote the development of specific, scientifically-proven solutions for each stage of growth.

Every year more than 200 product projects are developed in Chicco’s 3 Research & Development Centers in Italy, USA and China, always in connection with the Observatory.

With all this experience, knowledge and investment, Chicco is an innovative brand with a 360º view, becoming the Master Brand Cross Category on the Baby Care World Market, and working in 5 different business areas: Nursing, Juvenile, Toys, Clothing and Shoes.

Chicco has come through generations, always present during babies growth, being part of families’ daily lives. Although the market has diversified and consumption habits have changed, a parent always looks for the best for its baby, especially during the early years.

And Chicco knows babies better than anyone. The brand understands the difficulties and challenges in parenting, and the adventure that is born together with a baby. And also the smiles that grow with it. That’s why we can certainly say ‘Chicco is wherever there is a baby’.

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