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CTT is a Superbrand.


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CTT is a Superbrand.

CTT is one of the most iconic brands of Portugal, with a vast heritage that has been following the trend of the times.

CTT’s activities focus upon preserving the value of the Mail, enhancing the growth of Express Mail and Parcels services, and expanding Financial Services. In Express Mail and Parcels, the focus has been on developing its e-commerce platform.

CTT offers more than 1000 points of convenience throughout the country from which customers may send and receive their Express orders.

An important development for CTT is the establishment of the Bank CTT, pioneering a powerful transformation in the Financial Services sector in Portugal.

The competitive advantage of CTT lies in it’s well established network of postmen and retail locations, combined with it’s efficiency of operations. CTT’s commitment to providing proximity, in both the digital sphere and financial services, has positioned the company to address future challenges in the business.

The new reality of CTT, with it’s forward thinking strategy, is also visible in the brand’s visual identity, which retains the original messenger on horseback — now no longer at a trot, but off into a gallop! The acronym CTT has also gained greater prominence and strength in it’s branding.

CTT’s growing success is the result of the dedication, commitment and professionalism of all CTT employees. The brand values which move the company are:

• customer orientation;
• an enthusiastic commitment to connect closely with the Portuguese consumer;
• excellence in providing services that consistently exceed expectations;
• innovation translated into ideas and creative solutions to reach new destinations;
• and confidence in winning the trust of customers and partners through responsibility and integrity.

CTT continues to be a market leader in postal services, positioned for sustainable growth; committed to the ideals of excellence and proximity and focused on innovation — Today, Tomorrow and Always.

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