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CTT is a Superbrand.


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CTT is a Superbrand.

CTT has a history of almost 500 years of dedication, commitment and professionalism to bring the Portuguese people closer to the world.

CTT has always been an important partner for companies, creating innovative solutions that help in communicating their businesses.

While operating in a competitive market, CTT has a clear business strategy based on different strategic pillars: preserving the value of the mail business, growing orders through e-commerce, and developing the Network of Stores and Distribution.

The launch of Banco CTT was also a very important step in order to complete and expand the Financial Services business.

The new CTT, Driving us forward, institutional claim, reinforced by the Banco CTT launch campaign, uses the horse, the symbol of the CTT brand, representing the values of trust and closeness, anchored in a design that affirms this.

At CTT Bank we are moved by the will of the Portuguese people to have a simpler bank in which they can trust. Based on the signature – “CTT Bank: The bank that drives us forward.”

The CTT e-segue service offers constant innovation, in terms of convenience and the flexible solutions, where the recipient decides the day, time and place in which an order is delivered, quickly and simply — just as they claim: “It’s your next step that moves us.”

As part of the response to new communication needs in the area of mail advertising, CTT recently launched the new CTT Ads service, which combines physical communication (physical mail) with other media (e-mail and SMS).

CTT Ads – Advertising Solutions. Your brand in good hands.

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