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East African Cables is a Superbrand.


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East African Cables is a Superbrand.

East African Cables has the largest cable manufacturing capacity in East and Central Africa. It’s manufacturing facilities are benchmarked against the best cable manufacturing plants in the world, setting EAC apart from its competitors.

East African Cables (EAC) is proud to be celebrating 50 years since its incorporation as a company in 1965! The company has grown in leaps and bounds to be a leading manufacturer of Electrical Cables in the East African Region.

East African Cables’ product portfolio includes low voltage copper electrical cables and conductors used for domestic and industrial applications; and aluminium conductors and cables used for power distribution and transmission over national gridlines.

EAC’s copper electrical cable products include house wiring and flexible cables with a range of cables for applications in and around the home from the power and lighting circuits through the whole range of electrical appliances.

EAC’s Power and control cables include a range of power cables used extensively in the distribution of electricity throughout national gridlines from generation points to the industrial complexes and towns.

EAC’s Auto and Battery Cables include electrical harnesses, battery cables and ignition cables. In addition East African Cables produces soudronics cables as well as Halogen Free Fire Retardant (HFFR) cables.

EAC also manufactures aluminium overhead conductors for aerial transmission lines and service drop cables for secondary overhead transmission or as feeders to residential houses, industrial and other commercial installations.

East African Cables is committed to empowering the youth and other special groups in the community, including establishing the Fundi Bora Club which provides technical and entrepreneurial skills; adopting a home at the SOS Children’s Village in Buruburu; and its support for the Our Lady of Nazareth Primary School infirmary, water tank and lavatory projects.

The key value that East African Cables believes in and practices is SAFETY. All EAC products are subjected to the highest quality checks in accordance to internationally accepted cable manufacturing practices. EAC’s brand promise to the consumer is: “Beyond the unseen, East African Cables cares.”

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