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EPlus is a Superbrand.


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EPlus is a Superbrand.

E-Plus was founded in 2010 in Kenya, and is a commercial company fully-owned by the Kenya Red Cross Society. E-Plus has the mandate to provide premium, private ambulance and prehospital care services to individuals, families, educational institutions, corporations and government institutions in Kenya.

The concept of E-Plus was born from a tragedy in 2006, when a senior staff of Kenya Red Cross Society was involved in an accident in the Upper Eastern Region of Isiolo County. Kenya Red Cross Society staff had excellent medical coverage that included air evacuation.

However, when the insurer was called at the time of the accident they could not respond as it was past 6pm. The only option was to use their own ambulance that was an urban vehicle and not equipped, to drive to Isiolo County. This single event triggered the idea of developing a Basic Life Support Ambulance service.

E-Plus has undergone significant expansion in the last 7 years, increasing its fleet base from 5 to 128 state of art ambulances, spread across the country. The scope of services E-Plus offers has also expanded from membership subscription services, to standby events coverage, county ambulance services and government ambulance services provision.

Additionally, E-Plus also provides Medical Taxi Services; Home Based Care; Medical Escort Services and Ground & Air Evacuation Services, and provides First Aid kits.

E-Plus has also pioneered and influenced policy development in the area of Emergency Medical Services in Kenya.

E-Plus has been widely recognised for it’s superior services, being named a Superbrand in 2017; and is the recipient of the Association of Kenya Insurers 9th Annual Road Safety Award. E-Plus has also pioneered and influenced policy development for Emergency Medical Services in Kenya.

E-Plus’s dedication to the highest standard of service is evident in its brand values, which are so much more than just words:
• Providing State-of-art facilities, equipment & services.
• Upholding high standards of Professionalism & integrity.
• Dedication to providing the highest quality services & timely emergency response .
• Maintaining high spirit and esprit de corps among staff.

Superbrands: The most respected universal seal of enduring excellence.

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