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Fresha is a Superbrand.


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Fresha is a Superbrand.

The Fresha brand is a household name in Kenya.

Fresha was originally created as a dairy cooperative society supplying milk to milk processing companies, which today consists of 15,000 shareholders, who are mainly small scale dairy farmers in Githunguri Subcounty.

The Fresha brand name was derived from mixing of the words Friesian and Aryshire hence the name ‘Fresha’. This double edged brand name summarised the milk type and the freshness of Fresha milk.

In 2004, the Fresha branding and packaging was introduced, and within the year great milestones in the Kenyan dairy sector were achieved through rapidly increasing popularity and loyalty to the new brand.

Fresha is primarily a dairy brand offering farm fresh products, including Fresh Milk, Long Life Milk, Yoghurt, Fermented milk popularly called “Maziwa lala”, Butter, Ghee and now, Bottled Purified Drinking Water.

Fresha revolutionised the milk industry in Kenya by offering pouch packaging, which today makes up 60% of the market.

The strength of the Fresha brand is its committment to providing real, farm fresh products with no additives. Fresha milk is on consumers tables within 10 hours of milking, making Fresha‘s freshness unbeatable in the region.

Constantly evolving, Fresha introduces new products and continually improves on existing ones. An example is the launch of Fresha Purified Drinking Water, which has opened a new frontier for the Fresha range of products.

With quality control checks at every stage of milk collection, production, packaging and all inputs, the Fresha brand continually produces consistently high quality products that surpass consumer’s expectations.

Fresha’s key message and most successful slogan will always be: “Fresha Milk, Real Farm Freshness.”

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