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Gallus is a Superbrand.


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Gallus is a Business Superbrand.

Gallus is one of the leading companies in the Hungarian Poultry Market, with an annual hatching capacity for 75 million hybrid meat chicks, and outsourcing amounting to some 150 million forints in the country.

Gallus’s mission is to retain a leading role in Hungary’s poultry industry, and – through professional expertise – to support Hungarian agriculture, assuring its prominent position in Europe.

As a consequence of capacity enhancing investments implemented in recent years, Gallus has improved its competitiveness in all respects and developed high value-added processed poultry-products for the premium segment.

The Gallus Group has based its longterm development strategy in two crucial areas: For the sake of sustaining efficiency and reliability, great emphasis has been placed on vertical integration from incubation through processing, and the company’s presence in the market for premium products with high added value.

Also, special attention is given to expanding export volumes within total sales of broiler chicks, hatching eggs, and fresh meat products alike.

With the help of EU funding, Gallus Kft. has reconstructed its broiler chick hatchery in Devecser to meet the latest standards, including the installation of state-of-the-art hatching technologies.

Taravis Kft., a Gallus Group member, is undergoing an expansion project to be completed by the end of the year, which will further improve competitiveness, achieving an annual processing output of 15 million broiler chickens.

The “Our Chicken” trademark guarantees all chickens have been raised from Hungarian eggs in Hungary, in line with the strictest regulations, raised by Hungarian employees under constant monitoring by veterinarians, and have been fed healthy and well controlled feed free of animal proteins, antibiotics and growth promoters.

Gallus’s commitment to superior quality is what makes “Our Chicken” a truly valuable Hungarian brand.

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