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Johnson Endura Tiles is a Superbrand.


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Johnson Endura is a Superbrand.

H&R Johnson (India) launched the Johnson Endura brand in the year 2000 to offer a highly specialised range of tiling solutions that cater to varied needs pertaining to outdoor use, industrial use, and specialised flooring applications. 

With Innovation being the core of the brand’s inspiration, the past eighteen years has seen Johnson Endura become the market leader in specialised flooring and cladding applications in the Indian tile industry. 

Johnson Endura industrial tiles are highly durable, offer skid resistance, stain resistance for smooth dynamic load transfers and chemical resistance, that are crucial properties in many industries. 

Johnson Endura acid resistant tiles are beneficial in chemical plants, automotive manufacturing plants, dairies, power, API, food and agro plants, where spillages on the floor are common. 

Johnson Endura patented anti-static tiles help dissipate static charge and are used in server rooms, laboratories, pharma floors and defence applications.

The Johnson Endura Clad Care and Stonex is a new series of wall cladding tiles for use in Indoors & outdoors, providing the three in one benefit of safety, durability and aesthetics. 

The Johnson range of flooring solutions under the Pavers, EDC, Hi-Traffic and Meteor series are ideal for pavements, footpaths, gardens, pathways, building compounds and outdoor areas of residences, corporate buildings and Hotels. 

The new Johnson Endura Stepping Stone range of step tiles and risers are long lasting, easy to maintain, quick to install and safer due to the tread lines and double bull nosing features.

Endura Tactiles comply with stringent international norms that help make public spaces more accessible for the visually challenged, and have been installed at various Airports, railway stations, public places and government buildings. 

The unique Endura Cool Roof Solar Reflective Index Tiles reflect sun rays & emit absorbed infra red rays radiations which reduces indoor temperatures & helps lower electricity consumption. 

Johnson Endura Swimming pool tiles meet international pool standards with specialised semi vitrified body with anti fungal glaze for durability & hygienic performance. 

As part of the brand’s commitment to the community, Johnson Endura created the Red Ramp Project, bringing awareness to the challenges faced by the physically disabled in accessing public spaces in India. 

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