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Katjes is a Superbrand.


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Katjes is a Superbrand.

Katjes is a brand with tradition that offers a strong product selection ranging from fruit gums to licorice to various other types of candy. In Germany, one of the world’s biggest markets for confectionary products, the family company is the third largest producer. Its brands include Katjes, Ahoj-Brause, WICK cough drops and SALLOS.

The success story of Katjes begins in 1910 with a Sicilian recipe for liquorice brought back by Xaver Fassin. From this, his son Klaus developed small black liquorice cats with the name “Katjes” – the dutch term for small cats – that would later become the name of the company based in Emmerich. His vision of creating “something different and better” was off to a great start.

Committed to creating innovative high quality products early on, Katjes developed the first fruit gums with yoghurt in 1971: the Katjes Yoghurt Gums, and was the first to use natural fruit juices, puree and extracts, and fruit and plant concentrates exclusively, with no artificial colours.

Katjes-Kinder and Yoghurt-Gums were produced without animal gelatin right from the start. Over the last few years Katjes has increasingly focused on vegetarian products, changed all existing recipes and now dominates the vegetarian fruit gums- and liquorice market. Since September of 2016 Katjes’s entire product line has been branded 100% veggie.

A family-owned and family-run company with 500 employees, Katjes has grown from a pure fruit gum and liquorice producer to a true confectionary all-star with a presence in 21 countries. Production equipment using electricity from 100% renewable energy sources in all plants make Katjes a sustainable trend-setting company.

Always staying innovative and on trend, Katjes opened the Katjes Café Grün-Ohr – the first vegetarian Katjes café in the trendy Berlin area “Mitte” in 2013. Here fans can experience the brand and its innovations first hand.

Since 2015 the café has been home to the Katjes Magic Candy Factory – the world’s first 3D-printer for fruit gums, which was honoured with the World Innovation Award in the confectionary category in 2016. Katjes also received the European Candy Kettle Club Award 2016 in recognition of its innovative business development.

In 2015 Katjes expanded its product range with the introduction of Glücksgefühle (Lucky Moments) — the first vegetarian mix product with fruit gum and licorice.

Another novelty product, Yogurt Chocolate-gums, is introduced in 2016: vegetarian yoghurt gums dipped into delicate chocolate — a Katjes classic reinterpreted.

With the entire product range being vegetarian, 2016 is just the right time for Katjes to launch its new Vemoji app, the world’s first app for veggie Emojis with over 240 graphics – all revolving around the subject “Veggie“.

Everything is veggie! And the environment loves it! About 20% less greenhouse gases are emitted in the production of vegetarian Katjes Grün-Ohr Bärchen compared to gelatin-containing fruit gummy bears. And 24 million litres of water were saved in 2016 alone!

Sustainability is important to the ever growing company, as it looks towards the future.

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