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KEN Tomato Sauce is a Superbrand.


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KEN Tomato Sauce is a Superbrand.

For over 30 years KEN Tomato Sauce has cut its niche as Kenya’s leading food condiment, enjoyed by consumers and trusted by hoteliers across Kenya.

KEN is a short form for Kenya. Thus, the brand name KEN denotes a quality product, indigenously manufactured in Kenya, by Kenyans, using fresh local farm produce; which is diligently manufactured under the umbrella of Centrofood Industries Limited (CFI).

KEN Sauce Products satisfy every consumer’s taste, and range from Tomato Sauces, Ketchup, Plum Jams, Juices, Pure Drinking Water, White vinegar and Brown vinegar.

Centrofood Industries puts great importance in the nutritional value and taste of its products. At the heart of each advancement of KEN sauces and products, lies a major innovative story that gives each product a rich and scrumptious flavor, leading it to become a staple in Kenyan homes.

The KEN sauce brand puts great importance to consumer satisfaction as the company believes the only accolade needed is to have their products put smiles on their customers’ faces.

That notwithstanding, cfi has made milestones in being recognised as The First Tomato Sauce to be awarded the Superbrands Certification Year 2017/2018 in East Africa Region; and The First Tomato Sauce Company to pilot JICA training – KAIZEN.

KEN sauce cares and gives back to society through cfi Foundation in sectors such as: Education, Sports, Orphanage homes, and helping people living with HIV/AIDS.

Centrofood Industries is always looking for new and innovative products to introduce into the market. There is a great understanding of consumers’ tastes, wants and needs which are constantly increasing and changing.

KEN’s vision is to remain a market leader, providing Kenyans with high quality brands produced through advanced technology, with the highest level of professionalism, ethics and safety.

KEN Tomato Sauce brings people and families together, and is all about completing that meal and giving it that something special.

Superbrands, the most respected universal seal of enduring excellence.

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