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Kenya Red Cross is a Superbrand.


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Kenya Red Cross is a Superbrand.

The Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) is a humanitarian relief organization established in 1965, which serves as an auxiliary to both the national and county governments of Kenya.

KRCSʼs mission is to facilitate communities in response to humanitarian emergencies to alleviate human suffering, and work with partners to implement innovative community-driven programmes that transform lives and enhance community resilience.

A membership-based organization, KRCS has over 217,000 volunteers and members throughout Kenya, providing services to communities who are its first and foremost priority.

Disaster Risk Management is KRCSʼs flagship service for building resilience within communities, focusing on Disaster Risk Reduction, Food Security and Livelihood, and Environmental Management and Climate Change Adaptation.

KRCSʼs Disaster Management Operations provide immediate relief to affected populations, saving lives, protecting livelihoods, and strengthening recovery from disasters and crises.

KRCSʼs focus on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene improves access to environmentally safe water and sanitation facilities for the most vulnerable communities.

KRCSʼs Health, Nutrition and Social Services (HSS) Department embraces the integration approach to ensure affordable, accessible and equitable community based health care.

KRCS has also created training programs for volunteers and community members, including Emergency Management Programmes, Disaster Management programmes, Medical courses, and Leadership and Management programmes.

Emergency Plus Medical Services (E-Plus) is fully owned by KRCS, providing pre-hospital care services and emergency ambulance services on a commercial basis, which include a 24-hour emergency ambulance service.

Guided by The Red Cross Red Crescent movement fundamental principles: humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality, KRCS is committed to sustainably promoting the well-being, health and resilience of communities in Kenya.

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