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Kurl-on Mattresses is a Superbrand.


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In a world of global commerce and competition, outstanding brands distinguish themselves through collaborative enterprise, creative marketing, and superior products elevating themselves to the prestigious distinction of being named a Superbrand.

Kurl-on Mattresses is a Superbrand.

Launched in 1962, Kurl-on Enterprises Limited has grown to become synonymous with premium mattresses across India, with Kurl-on even becoming a generic term for mattresses.

Kurl-on is a customer-centric company offering Rubberised Coir Mattresses; Bonnell & Pocketed Spring Mattresses, Memory Foam, and Therapeutic Mattresses.

On a trip to Germany, Ramesh Pai, founder of Kurl-on, discovered that high-end automobile seats were being manufactured using rubberised coconut coir fibre, and realized coir fibre was ideal for use in mattresses. With India being one of the largest producers of coconut in the world, he went on to create history with the pioneering launch of Kurl-on.

Kurl-on has evolved and expanded its manufacturing prowess to currently manufacture mattresses in more than 135 different configurations in nine strategically located manufacturing facilities across Karnataka, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Gujarat.

The company’s state-of-the-art technology and constant research & development is for the single objective of improving standards of sleep.

Kurl-on’s newest range of mattresses is powered by Kurlopedic technology, with features like Motion Separation Index (MSI), ensuring zero partner disturbances, and Zero Pressure Point (ZPP), which abates localised pressure build-up, restores normal blood circulation and reduces back and neck pain.

Being aware of the ever increasing stress brought about by everyday schedules, Kurl-on launched the Spinekare range of mattresses, which not only relax the body but also revitalise blood circulation, alleviating back and neck pain.

Other related products offered by Kurl-on include pillows, cushions, bed sheets, bolster, comforters, and mattress protectors.

Kurl-on has also forayed into the manufacture of world-class furniture, for both indoors and outdoors.

Quality, trust, comfort, relationships and value form the pillars of strength supporting Kurl-on products, making Kurl-on a Superbrand.

Superbrands, the most respected universal seal of enduring excellence.

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