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LIDL is a Superbrand.


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LIDL is a Superbrand.

Lidl is an international food retail chain. Currently, it holds 246 stores and 4 warehouses, employing a total of over 5300 people in Portugal.

From day one its mission has been to place the consumer in the centre, thus guaranteeing their satisfaction, always taking into consideration Lidl’s values: Quality. Proximity. Simplicity.

In 2016 the communication and advertising concept: The Perfect recipe to be happier, reflects that exact mission and values.

Showing Lidl’s desire to offer consumers all the necessary ingredients to make their lives easier, simpler and happier, in the company of their loved ones, always presenting them with top quality at low prices.

The Portuguese 80’s band, Sétima Legião, gave voice to the soundtrack of the campaign, accompanied by the Portuguese Youth Orchestra. A perfect match of tradition and modernity wrapped in Portuguese flavour.

2016 was also the year of the Lidl Shop, a collection of miniature products and accessories that reinforced the importance of including the whole family in play-time and its importance in children development. The campaign had some really special small actors, the children of Lidl’s employees.

And because there are many ways in which to be relevant in consumers’ everyday life, Lidl launched its first Cooking Book. Divided by seasons, this kitchen companion shares the know-how of Lidl’s Chef, with guests from all over the country, presenting the consumer with over 100 original recipes.

In its continuous search to find and adapt itself to consumers’ needs and transforming the buying experience for the better in any possible way, in 2016 Lidl created a new, more organised and pleasant store concept.

The transformation already took place inside 58 stores and it will continue in 2017.

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