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Mastercard is a Superbrand.


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Mastercard is a Superbrand.

Mastercard started 50 years ago with a small group of bankers. Currently, Mastercard operates the fastest processing payment network in the world. “The World Beyond Cash” – A world beyond money with more secure, fast and efficient processing payment solutions, which connect people and businesses all around the world, boosting trade and creating opportunities for all.

As technology advances, devices evolve and means of payments adapt. Mastercard constantly seeks to develop new ways to ensure the security of billions of transactions occurring worldwide. Connecting consumers, financial institutions, merchants, governments and businesses in order to be safe, fast and efficient, helps create greater opportunities for all.

For all, Mastercard has rapid technological solutions that simplify the day’s-delays, without neglecting security.

In addition to growth and leading technology, Mastercard has evolved in its communication. The most recent change has occurred with its new brand. Simplicity is the most striking feature of this change, which has shaped the brand’s identity and mission: simplify life to all.

Mastercard transforms not only the process of paying or receiving, but the very way people live today.

Mastercard is in people’s hearts because it brings simplicity to your life through modern payment systems and by providing unique
experiences that no one else offers. And this is something that is priceless.

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