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Medis is a Superbrand.


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Medis is a Superbrand.

Focusing on its offer of quality and the excellence of its service since 1996 as an innovative management healthcare integrated system, Médis can assure that “It’s good for the health” to more than half a million Portuguese customers.

Talking about Médis is talking about innovation, quality and transpareny.

Since the beginning innovation, competitiveness and continuous investment in customer experience have been embedded in Médis’ DNA and have strengthened the brand’s value proposition by enriching its offering, anticipating needs and easing the choice or consolidating distinctive aspects through services such as the Médis Providers Network, the Médis Personal Physician or Médis Helpline.

Today, as in the beginning, the main focus of Médis’s activity is centered on people and on providing dedicated and permanent health care monitoring, reflecting an ongoing commitment to proximity and convenience for all its customers.

That all Portuguese deserve a personal health service is the concept behind the multi-media campaign, launched by Médis in 2016, representing the evolution from a system that helps clients making appointments and exams to a service that helps them manage their health.

The Médis family grows over time, adapting to new necessities and, therefore, is continually updated. As a result, the commitment to innovation and continuous improvement extends not only to its website, but also to its app and new interactive solutions.

Medis’s ambition is to reach 2020 as market leader, working on three strategic vectors: distribution channels and partnerships, corporate segment and differentiation.

Looking forward, Medis’ goals are to continue developing new solutions focused on knowledge and proximity, anticipating trends and being a pioneer in a continuously changing market.

Superbrands, the most respected universal seal of enduring excellence.

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