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ratiopharm is a Superbrand.


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ratiopharm is a Superbrand.

ratiopharm is the best-known drug brand in Germany. With over 750 formulations, the Superbrand has the largest product range in the industry: From ratiopharm there is something for headache and back pain as well as colds of all kinds, but also numerous vitamins, minerals and much more.

ratiopharm was founded in Ulm in 1973 as the first German generic manufacturer. Since 2010, ratiopharm has been part of Teva, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

From the beginning, the brand set itself the goal of offering high-quality medicines at a low price. Something as valuable as health should be affordable for everyone. Thus, ratiopharm also contributes significantly to the reduction of costs in the German health system.

The success of the brand is based on its long-term strategic orientation. For many years, the names of these drugs have consisted of a combination of the respective active substance with the brand name. This greatly facilitates recognition for doctors, pharmacists and patients.

Rarely has a pharmaceutical brand succeeded in anchoring its advertising so firmly in the minds of consumers. “There’s something from ratiopharm” has now become a catchphrase.

Since 1999, this sentence has been strongly connected with the twins who are advertising icons. The twins symbolize generics. Because like one twin to the other, generics are also similar to other drugs with the same active ingredient. Finally, the slogan “Good prices. Get well” has made this point for over 20 years.

With unmistakably recognisable features, ratiopharm advertising has long since become a classic. Today, every second spontaneously remembers the commercials. And many consumers have even asked in the pharmacy: “Is there also something from ratiopharm?”. Demonstrating proof of ratiopharm’s sustainable brand management.

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