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Ring is a Superbrand.


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In a world of global commerce and competition, outstanding brands distinguish themselves through collaborative enterprise, creative marketing, and superior products elevating themselves to the prestigious distinction of being named a Superbrand.

Ring is a Superbrand.

Ringʼs mission is to make neighbourhoods safer with its smart home security products, offering users affordable, accessible, and convenient whole-home and neighborhood security.

Ringʼs smart home security devices allow users to monitor and protect their property from anywhere in the world. All that is required is a home wifi network, a smartphone or tablet, and the Ring app, which allows users to monitor and control all of their Ring devices in one place.

Ringʼs product line-up includes Video Doorbells, Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras, and the Ring Alarm System, as well as accessories and add-ons for all home security needs.

Ring products integrate seamlessly with one another and can be controlled through the Ring app, creating a complete Ring of Security around the home.

Ring Video Doorbells feature a built-in camera and Two-Way Talk, so users can hear and speak to whoeverʼs at their door through the Ring app. The video doorbell can also send notifications to a smart device.

Ringʼs variety of indoor and outdoor security cameras that are battery-powered, plug-in, or hardwired. Some cameras also provide motion-sensing lighting and a security siren. Outdoor cameras feature 1080p Video with HDR, powerful LED beams and infrared night vision, allowing users to see whatʻs happening day or night.

On select cameras, 3D Motion Detection and Birdʼs Eye View allow them to pinpoint when and where a motion event begins with an aerial map view, providing the homeowner with a greater understanding of whatʼs happening when viewing individual videos from each device in the Ring app.

The Ring Alarm Security System is affordable and easy to install. The System includes a Base Station, Keypad, Contact Sensor, Motion Detector and Range Extender. Users can add additional components to meet their precise security needs, and alarm modes can be easily controlled from the Ring app.

Ring believes that stronger communities are the key to safer neighbourhoods, and is committed to provide effective, affordable home security products and services that help customers protect what matters most. Ring keeps families and communities connected.

Superbrands, the most respected universal seal of enduring excellence.

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