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Simba Cement is a Superbrand.


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Simba Cement is a Superbrand.

Simba Cement is the product of choice in Tanzania, and offers the Simba Imara and Simba Bora brands.

Tanga Cement Plc is a specialized, customer-driven,and innovative cement producer, boasting investment in state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and upholding the highest level of quality control during production of Simba Cement.

The Tanga Cement Plant was commissioned in 1980 and was the second manufacturer of cement in Tanzania. Marketed under the Simba brand, Tanga’s products have always been regarded as superior, which is reflected in their continued position as one of the top players.

Simba cement products are the result of extensive research and careful development by engineers and scientists with a deep knowledge of the composition of mechanical, physical, chemical, and durability standards, making it’s product the number-one choice among Engineers, Contractors, Housing Contractors and consumers.

Tanga Cement is now in the process of increasing their clinker capacity from 500,000 tons a year to 1.25 million tons a year, and has entered into agreements with capable distributors in every region of the country to ensure brand availability at reasonable prices throughout Tanzania.

Tanga Cement recently launched a campaign of their product and introduced their new tag line: STRENGTH WITHIN, to reinforce the emotional tie that the brand has developed with consumers.

Simba Cement is committed to the community, and reserves 1% of profit before tax for its CSR activities with a focus Education, Health, Community development and the Environment.

Simba cement continues to live its brand promise as the Pride of the Nation, promising its customers consistent quality and availability due to the trusted distribution network it has built with its distributors and through company managed depots. The company’s after-sales service offered by Simba Cement team of Engineers and Concrete Technologists, as well as regional representatives is unique in Tanzania.

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