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Sprint Consulting is a Superbrand.


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Sprint Consulting is a Business Superbrand.

Established in 2008, Sprint Consulting achieved a market-leading position within just two years of its founding, and today is considered the most prominent Agile consultancy of the Centraland Eastern European region.

Sprint Consulting is specialised in teaching, customising and introducing Agile software development methodologies at multinational companies and major national enterprises.

Sprint Consulting is also a Registered Education Provider of the Scrum Alliance as well as a Corporate Member of Agile Alliance.

Sprint Consulting has more than 5000 trainees and coachees with project sizes between 3 and 350 people. Sprint also has experience in more than 20 countries with over 100 clients across the globe.

To ensure high quality premium services Sprint Consulting engages senior and well known trainers and consultants.

With its unique transformation process, Sprint Consulting guides organisations on the Agile transformation journey, through five phases and over 70 steps of training, coaching and consulting activities.

The success of agile and lean techniques in software development has led the expansion of their use into areas such as management, sales, marketing, human resources, office management and customer service departments

Companies wishing to implement agile techniques can achieve their goals in a way that helps retain their previous strengths, while generating a new set of values for their partners and customers – whether in the form of shorter timetomarket, more flexible development, higher quality or enhanced employee motivation.

Sprint Consulting has also paved the way for several new methodologies and techniques in Hungary – among them Management 3.0, Radical Management, SAFe and LeSS. Since introducing these in their home market, Sprint Consulting started organizing such workshops in other countries.

Sprint Consulting’s success lies in a blend of immense know how and decades of professional experience, continuously learning and keeping up with new emerging tools and techniques, the continuous processing of experiences and their incorporation into various techniques.

Business Superbrands: The most respected universal seal of enduring excellence.