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The Nairobi Hospital is a Superbrand.


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The Nairobi Hospital is a Superbrand.

The Nairobi Hospital is the leading provider of healthcare services throughout East Africa and the region.

Equipped with the latest technology and highly skilled specialists, The Nairobi Hospital is able to undertake a wide range of procedures from routine investigations to complex surgeries including: acute and critical care, cardiac surgical procedures, oncology services, renal dialysis and kidney transplant, paediatrics, trauma care, endoscopy, complex maternal deliveries as well as general medical and surgical care.

A patient who comes to The Nairobi Hospital knows they can trust that the medical condition they are is suffering from will be identified and the best treatment regime offered. All this happens in an atmosphere of warmth and safety.

The Anderson Specialty Clinics are designed to offer specialised treatment ranging from weight loss clinic, to reconstructive and plastic surgery, to pain management, and orthopaedic conditions.

The Nairobi Hospital Critical Care unit is among the best equipped in critical care units in Africa.

The key game changer has been the National Hospital Insurance Fund that has signed agreements for various services including MRI, CT-Scan, cancer treatment, and dialysis.

To get closer to the patients’ additional outpatient centres have been added in Warwick Centre, Galleria Centre, and Capital Centre on Mombasa Road and Rosslyn Riviera on Limuru Road.

The Nairobi Hospital conducts health checks through medical camps in low income areas of the country. Needy people who require expensive interventions who have been brought to our attention are cared for.

The Nairobi Hospital is committed to providing the highest quality of healthcare using advanced technology in an atmosphere of trust safety and comfort.

“Lux in Tenebris” means, “Light in Darkness” — when you come to The Nairobi Hospital with whatever is getting you down, we will be the light in your hour of need.

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