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THOMY is a Superbrand.


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THOMY is a Superbrand.

When the mark of a cooking cap is synonymous with the delicatessen industry, the THOMY cooking cap with its luminous glow is symbol of continuous enjoyment. Not for nothing is the claim “THOMY … here comes the pleasure”.

The delicatessen icon guarantees this with excellent quality and unmistakable creaminess!

More than 140 million times per year, consumers choose to buy a THOMY product, demonstrating their enormous success.

The brand originated in Switzerland, where Fritz Thomi-Schaad founded the company “Helvetia Langenthal”, and brought the famous “Langenthaler mustard” into the market. His son, Hans Thomi-Schaad sold the mustard from 1930 onwards packaged in the innovative tube.

In 1954 mayonnaise and mustard packaged in the tube and marketed under the new name “THOMY” arrived in Germany and was an instant success — and the new brand was born!

Today, the THOMY product portfolio includes not only delicacy mayonnaise and mustard but also a wide range of other products – from popular Les Sauces products to hot horseradish and fine cooking oils to ketchup and grilling sauces in the practical squeeze bottle. In total, more than 70 different products are now being shipped from eleven production plants in Neuss in the Rhineland.

Leading the way in terms of quality, THOMY also follows social change in nutrition and continuously questions and improves the recipes, because remarkable enjoyment, requires trust in the brand.

A special role is also given to current dietary trends with products such as Ketchup with less sugar, lactose-free Hollandaise and Vegan Salad Mayonnaise.

“THOMY … here comes the pleasure”, with this slogan and the bright
yellow THOMY cooking cap over the connoisseur’s head, THOMY has been a beacon in advertising history for 20 years. Communicating continuity is a strength of THOMY, but the brand does not stand still on its past successes and in recent years the THOMY brand has transformed.

The slogan and cooking cap are still unmistakable brands. These are now combined with the current branding of THOMY’s typical creaminess, passionate enjoyment experience and it’s devoted connoisseurs!

Above all, THOMY manages to remain faithful to itself like no another brand, and still keeps evolving. THOMY is, and remains, a real delicatessen icon.

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