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Unique Gas Solution (UGS) is a Superbrand.


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Unique Gas Solution (UGS) is a Superbrand.

UGS is an energy solutions partner providing liquefied petroleum gas supply (LPG), installation, consultation, and equipment to a wide spectrum of customers in the industrial and food & beverage sectors

With clients ranging from coffee shops to renowned restaurants in chic enclaves and the industrial sector, UGS responds capably and efficiently to the diversified needs of all its customers.

In addition to LPG supply and installation, UGS offers a range of services, including turnkey services such as piping maintenance, design and installation; and contractor consultation to manage quality and workmanship. UGS also provides a variety of products, such as stoves and other LPG related equipment.

As one of the biggest players in the LPG market, UGS takes pride in its commitment to ensure that all staff are well equipped with the safety knowledge necessary to best serve customers. Its 24 hour emergency service guarantee and accident-free record is an added assurance of UGS’s reliability.

UGS strives to provide unique and bespoke options to help commercial owners grow their business through various custom-designed sponsored programmes.

UGS’s new brand identity aims at strengthening the brand’s position as an energy solutions partner with more tangible attributes by emphasising the brand’s personality through its new mascot, Mr. UGS, who is featured amidst different clientele categories designed as gas cylinders.

To increase the security of its LPG gas tanks, a barcoded tag is now affixed to every cylinder tank, guaranteeing every tank supplied by UGS is original and un-tampered, and ensuring that illegal decanters cannot replace LPG cylinders with non-approved cylinders that may be unsafe.

UGS believes in elevating and instilling pride amongst its people with respect to their work, promoting the values of happiness, diversity, knowledge, thinking small, and integrity.

These values together with UGS’s ongoing persistence in providing efficient and innovative energy solutions and its reputation for going the extra mile to serve its customers has made UGS a leader in Singapore’s LPG market.

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