What is Superbrands TV?

What is Superbrands TV?

Superbrands TV is a service offered exclusively to Superbrands members around the world.

Superbrands TV is a perfect complement to the Superbrands publication which promotes the unique: Brand Stories; Achievements; Products and Services; Brand Values; and ‘Superbrands Status’ to an interested audience of consumers and decision makers.

Superbrands TV has already produced more than 160 brand videos for the strongest and most valuable brands across more than 30 different industry sectors in more than 26 countries which have generated around 6 million video views so far.

Superbrands TV has helped numerous clients create powerful digital promotions for their brand’s.

Clients have linked their SBTV brand videos to websites news feeds and email signatures to promote their interesting and unique brand stories and ‘Superbrands Status’.

Many have informed their consumers suppliers and staff about their ‘Superbrands Status’ by linking their brand video to social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

Our Superbrands TV clients have also used their brand videos at trade shows, conventions and conferences to educate key decision-makers about the brand and its products.

Some brands use the brand video as an infomercial on local television, and beside products at retail stores to promote specific products.

Various SBTV clients have also used their QR code alongside their Superbrands Award Seal on print advertisements and product packaging which can be scanned by smartphones and tablets.

Superbrands TV allows leading brands to bring their brand stories from the Superbrands publications to life through interesting and informative brand productions.

Superbrands, the most respected universal seal of enduring excellence.


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