Apple’s Advertising Campaign Ramps Up To Tell You How Much It Cares About Your Privacy – Gizmodo Australia

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SOURCE: Shabana Arif | Gizmodo Australia


Apple’s latest campaign about how seriously it takes privacy is a pretty nifty one that capitalises on its billboard locations.

9 to 5 Mac reports that the campaign kicked off in Las Vegas earlier this year with a “what happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone” billboard.

We’re in the business of staying out of your business.

This month, two new billboards popped up in Canada, with one of them taking a stab at Google. It reads “We’re in the business of staying out of your business,” while the other, located on Toronto’s King Street, reads “Privacy is King.”

The latest billboards have popped up in Germany, in the international shipping port of Hamburg, which is touted as being the ‘gateway to the world’, and Apple has utilised that to once again highlight its dedication to protecting its user’s privacy.

The gateway to the world. Not to your information.

“The gateway to the world. Not to your information,” reads the Hamburg billboard. Very clever. The second Hamburg reads “Reveals as little about Hamburgers as hamburgers,” with the final one in Berlin referencing the city’s history of being divided into various sectors, welcoming customers “to the safe sector.”

As much as the company went hard on the privacy front during its keynote, it’s not been without issues in the area. Earlier this month, the company had to disable the Apple Watch walkie-talkie feature as it could be hijacked to listen in on wearers.

Issues with its hardware aside, Apple seems committed to maintaining your privacy, which could see an influx of safety-conscious customers flock its platforms and products.