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HATIL, the leading furniture manufacturer in Bangladesh, has been named the Superbrands Bangladesh winner for 2023-2024. This prestigious award recognizes HATIL as one of the foremost brands in the country, selected through rigorous research and evaluation by the Superbrands Bangladesh organization.

Highlights of HATIL’s Achievement

  • This is the third time HATIL has received the Superbrands Bangladesh award, cementing its position as a top national brand
  • Superbrands praised HATIL’s product quality, innovative designs, and brand trust built over 60+ years
  • The award sets HATIL apart from 2000+ competing furniture brands in Bangladesh
  • It brings great pride and exposure to HATIL as it continues expanding at home and abroad

“We are thrilled HATIL is again declared a Superbrand after earlier wins in 2019 and 2021,” said Selim H. Rahman, CEO of HATIL Complex Ltd. “This inspires us to keep striving for excellence across all areas from production to service.”

What is Behind HATIL’s Brand Success?

HATIL has earned Bangladeshi consumers’ love and loyalty over decades through the smart evolution of its brand strategy.

Some key factors behind its Superbrand status include:

  • Quality: HATIL maintains rigorous quality controls and production standards, using advanced machinery alongside seasoned craftsmanship to produce durable, world-class furniture.
  • Design: Its R&D continually develops on-trend contemporary designs at affordable price points to suit modern Bangladeshi lifestyles and spaces.
  • Innovation: HATIL introduced game-changing products like its iconic Multi-Purpose Bed and breakthrough Solid Season Wood lines.
  • Trust: Time-tested dependability, plus warranties up to 20 years, instills deep consumer confidence in HATIL.

Looking at the Superbrands Bangladesh Award

Superbrands Bangladesh conducts perhaps the most authoritative brand evaluation in the country. Its multi-step process scrutinizes brands across 40 sectors based on these criteria:

Criteria Description Weight
Market Dominance Leading category market share over multiple years 20%
Brand Loyalty Extent consumers choose the brand repeatedly 15%
Quality Perceptions of product quality and consistency 15%
Advertising & Promotion Effective branding messaging and visibility 10%
Other Factors Heritage, trust, CSR initiatives, consumer endorsements 40%

A national Expert Council applies this framework through surveys and analysis to finally select the brands offering outstanding and enduring value to earn Superbrands status.

“Our Expert Council unanimously agreed HATIL represents one of Bangladesh’s best brands and an iconic category leader after assessing all aspects of its brand position, equity, and performance,” noted S.M. Bakhtiar Alam FCA, Chairman of Superbrands Bangladesh.

Recognizing True Brand Equity – Superbrands Bangladesh 2023-2024

Bangladesh’s furniture market has been rapidly evolving from an unorganized sector focused merely on functionality to more design and style-driven preferences aligned with interior design demands. HATIL identified this early on.

While consumers seek long-term utility, their aesthetic sense has also developed. They want furniture that represents their taste and personality rather than just assets.

The Superbrands award thus testifies that HATIL has built a strong brand catering to this market transition through:

Product Relevance and Quality

HATIL’s designs match evolving preferences for contemporary and modular styles offering a wide catalog spanning homes, offices, hospitals, etc.

By using certified sustainable wood and rigorous testing, it ensures international quality standards, resonating with audiences seeking durability.

Brand Experience

An experiential brand approach entails a customer-centric mindset of making interactions impactful. This spans communication, purchase, and post-sales engagement.

HATIL achieves excellence across its omnichannel presence through its website, app, showrooms, and delivery infrastructure offering convenience and rich visualization.

Innovation and Dynamism

From early technology adoption across manufacturing to sales, HATIL has embraced innovation in its DNA.

Its VR store and integrated digital properties for delighting digitally native consumers manifest this. Agility to keep pace with trends also makes HATIL relevant.

Brand Heritage and Recall

Three decades of trust signify brand heritage. This generates awareness and familiarity which drive purchase decisions. HATIL’s communication campaigns spanning digital and traditional media in conjunction with retail footprint ensure recall.

Therefore, staying tuned to evolving customer perspectives in Bangladesh’s loud furniture market full of choices, HATIL has carved its niche as the top furniture brand in consumers’ minds. The Superbrands status is thus well-deserved.

It sets an example for players aspiring to build brands connecting with target audiences through relevance, innovation, and empathy. Ultimately brands must deliver value.

For homegrown brand HATIL, the Superbrands honor indicates this resonance with stakeholders that homegrown brands can also attain global standards.

Looking Back at HATIL’s Brand Journey

To fully appreciate HATIL’s Superbrand achievement today, it helps to understand the brand’s inspiring rise to prominence.

HATIL traces back over 65 years to humble beginnings. In 1957, three visionary brothers founded a small furniture store in Old Dhaka. From early growth as a local wood workshop, their enterprise advanced to industrial production by the 1970s, incorporating as HATIL Complex Ltd in 1999.

The new millennium saw HATIL’s aggressive product development and nationwide expansion. Within years, it evolved into Bangladesh’s foremost furniture maker. Two forces catalyzing this transformation were HATIL’s rapid early adoption of:

  • State-of-the-art Factories – Automated foreign machinery and technology
  • National Distribution and Sales – 500+ dealerships spanning all districts

Another strategic milestone was HATIL opening Bangladesh’s first integrated furniture complex in 2008 – cementing category leadership and demonstrating true manufacturing self-sufficiency.

Today, few national brands enjoy HATIL’s level of household familiarity and preference built from years of quality craftsmanship and customer care. Its 80-acre headquarters-cum-complex in Gazipur is the largest in South Asia.

Future Outlook for the Superbrand

Industry observers sees the Superbrands award spotlighting HATIL at an auspicious time – as its local strength and appeal keep rising alongside international ambitions.

Overseas, HATIL actively exports to 40 countries. It also has diversified into stainless steel and Ritzy children’s furniture. Locally, 2022 saw 40 glamorous new HATIL showrooms open across Bangladesh to enable experiencing its latest world-class collections firsthand.

As a proudly Bangladeshi superbrand, HATIL represents how homegrown companies can match international levels of innovation and execution – resonating worldwide while inspiring patriotic consumer loyalty.

“This Superbrands recognition is for all our patrons and stakeholders who have joined our journey over the past 65 years,” Selim Rahman remarked. “We feel this is just the beginning for HATIL with a lot more milestones ahead.”


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