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Superbrands Malaysia hosts its annual tribute event to honor and recognize many of Malaysia’s strongest brands and also unveils the  15th edition of the much sought-after Superbrands book, which includes a two-page profile of each of the Superbrands. Superbrands, the independent authority and arbiter of branding, held its tribute event for 2023 award winners in Kuala Lumpur for 40 corporations, far exceeding last year’s 27 brands.

The Superbrands tribute event is considered one of the most prestigious worldwide by the corporate world. Mike English, Director, of Superbrands Malaysia, said “This year has seen an unprecedented number of local brands making it to the Superbrands list with new entrants in the market, in addition to internationally recognized brands. Participation in the Superbrands book is by invitation only and acknowledges the inherent strength of the organization and its brand value. This event is a true celebration of many of the country’s highest profile brands.”

This year’s event was officiated by Prof Haji Mohd Said Bani CM Din, President of Public Relations and Communications Association of Malaysia. Gracing the event was VIP guest Steve Teoh, a veteran of Malaysian corporations and MNCs, who has led the way for branding and marketing communications in different industries, a founding board member of the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia, and one of the Founding Trustees of the Budimas Charitable Foundation that supports orphanages worldwide.

Prof Haji Mohd Said Bani said “I’m confident that each of us present is aware that brands do not just give your organization an identity, they also make your business memorable, encourages consumers to opt for your products and services, supports your marketing and advertising as well as bring your employees pride, among others. Superbrands has identified and is giving recognition to many of you through its annual awards ceremonies. And while we work hard to build our brands to get the most return, we must not lose sight that products and services are deliverables that bring the brand to life, provide an emotional connection, and proof that the brand is true to its word”

More than 14,00 leading brands in Malaysia were scored by the Superbrands Council members and through an online poll. The highest-scoring brands have been chosen as Superbrands and only the brands that achieve the level of recognition set by the independent Superbrands Council are eligible for inclusion in the Superbrands Malaysia book, which traces the history and achievements of each of the brands.

“A strong brand engages with its customers, makes customers feel a sense of ownership, and instills trust but above all, it must always deliver on its promises, so getting onto the Superbrands list is both a prestigious accolade and an arduous task as all these criteria need to be met,” said Mike English, Director of Superbrands Malaysia.

To be voted a Superbrand is a powerful endorsement and is evidence for existing customers, potential customers, media, suppliers, investors, and employees of each exceptional status. Brands participating in the Superbrands program are entitled to use the Superbrands logo on their advertising, packaging, and other marketing communications collateral.


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