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Renowned heritage brand Yun Nam Hair Care has received 2 new awards that honour its 39 years of professional experience in the hair care industry.

Blending high-quality Chinese herbal ingredients such as ginseng dang gui , and he shou wu and technologically-driven formulas, Yun Nam Hair Care has helped individuals in Singapore review and address their hair and scalp issues for generations.

Through blending premium herbs with cutting-edge technology, Yun Nam has managed to craft effective and personalised hair care and anti-hair loss solutions as well as products for its ever-growing client base. Coming into the 4th decade of its presence in the Singaporean hair care industry, Yun Nam Hair Care has also recently announced new ambassadorships with local celebrities and personalities to better connect with consumers of various ages and target groups.

Celebrating Decades of Premium Herbal Hair Care Treatments

Yun Nam Hair Care was most recently awarded the Superbrands – Singapore’s Choice Award 2022 and Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Award 2022. The Superbrands – Singapore’s Choice Award is an invitation-only award aimed at recognising the leading professional service providers in the country across various industries.

These most recent accolades mark the company’s 10th and 9th year, respectively, of receiving these awards in recognition of Yun Nam’s quality hair care treatments and products. Hair care solutions offered by Yun Nam include the Signature FASTGro™ treatment to expedite scalp recovery and encourage new hair growth, and the MAX Hair treatment which decreases premature greying, soothes the scalp, and reduces further hair loss.

Pivoting to New Digital Media for Customer Engagement

Despite its longevity in the hair care industry, Yun Nam Hair Care has continued to review its customer engagement strategy and seek out new ways to stay relevant with its customer base. One way their heritage brand is bridging the gap with younger consumers is through ambassadorships with popular media and social media personalities in Singapore including Jesseca Liu, Dennis Zhou, and Mongchin Yeoh – better known by her Instagram social media handle Mongabong.

These collaborations have taken place in both traditional print and digital media forms including YouTube videos filmed in collaboration with Liu, Zhou, and Yeoh and individual testimonials of Liu and Zhou’s experience with Yun Nam’s anti-hair loss and hair care solutions.

The anti-hair loss solutions offered by Yun Nam are customised to suit individual client’s needs and intended objectives. Interested parties seeking out anti-hair loss treatments can sign up for a $28 trial session of Yun Nam’s signature FASTGroTM Hair & Scalp Treatment.

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About Yun Nam Hair Care

Established in 1984, Yun Nam is an award-winning heritage brand in Singapore that is widely renowned for its customised herbal hair care solutions. Premium Chinese herbs have their essence extracted by cutting-edge techniques to create effective natural hair remedies to promote a healthy scalp, reducing hair loss and signs of ageing in hair. For more information, visit .


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